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About us

May 16th, 2013

Hi! We are two partners, devoted to giving the best service, with no hassle or long discussions. You choose the product, and we do all the rest, until the event ends and you got everything you wanted. Our team is currently operating in The Netherlands and is made of 2 professionals:


Lieor: A very talented photographer who knows how to capture the most special moments. Not only that, he can also create the special moment with his fun attitude, and make anyone smile.


Lior: A professional and experienced Graphic designer. Can translate any desire to a unique design, whether you want it loud or calm, And can turn your photos into a great memory you would want to show around.

We would gladly travel around the country to captureĀ any event. As the need comes we will add some more right minded professionals to our team.

Go seeĀ What kind of events.