Magnet Frames



May 16th, 2013

Each event and it’s own Magnet.
The magnet should capture the nature of the event.
Magnetize gives you the opportunity to choose your own special magnet.


arrowFirst, you choose a frame from our examples. It gives the magnet it’s character.

arrowSecond, you decide which text goes on the magnet, to personalize it even more.

arrowThird, You can add a (color) filter to your pictures.

arrowThen our designer will modify it to your request (you might want some changes. Read more about these changes below).

* It is also possible to bring your own design.

* If you are a business, we can use your own brand design to design the magnet.

Frame Examples

Normal size: 10X7 cm

Basic Transparent - black

Basic Transparent - white



Cracks - white

Cracks - black


Ones upon a time

lines - gray

lines - black

Lines - white


Ornaments - blue

Ornaments - red

Disco - gold

Disco - silver

Elegant - black

Elegant - gray

Games - white

Games - black

Fancy - gray

Fancy - brown

Night stars - gray

Night stars - black

Lights - blue

Lights - gold

Lights - red

Plastic - blue

Plastic - green

Plastic - red

Sun - red

Sun - yellow

Sun - blue

Flowers - silver

Magic Stars - black

Magic Stars - purple


Black Garden

Falling Stars

Possible modifications

After you choose the frame you want, our designer can modify it to your request.

For example:

arrowcolor change

arrowmove elements (left-right, up-down)

arrowresize elements on the frame

arrowremove elements from the frame

arrowadd elements from a different frame

arrowadd your own logo (or symbol)



arrowYou can decide to have round cut corners (€).

arrowYou can decide to change the size of the magnets (€).

arrowYou can decide to add a sticker to the other side of the magnet (with: Logo / advertisement / sponsors / extra info etc.) (€).

We will not rest until you have your desired outcome!

Go see text examples.