Magnets Quality



May 16th, 2013

Magnetize is working with the best team, equipment and materials in order to give you the best looking result and to make sure it lasts for a very long time.
There are some very important parameters for a good quality magnet.

We offer only the best:

* A professional photographer
To capture the special moments

* A professional graphic designer
to add a special touch

* A custom designed magnet
to turn it into a personal souvenir

* A professional digital SLR Canon camera
for high quality photos

* 5 colors Canon inkjet printer
for sharp pictures

* Original Canon ink
for strong colors

* Semi-gloss photo paper
for long lasting colors

* flexible 0.4 mm magnets
for a strong magnet that can bend but not break

* Your own cosy web gallery
to see, share and download the photos

Our goal is to turn your event to a memorable one, by giving the most special souvenirs that your guests will love to show around.
Long lasting souvenirs will make them remember the event and talk about it for a very long time.

Go check out our designed frames.